We work with some of the leading public and private sector companies from various industries.

Industries We Serve

Our Mantra

  • Financial
  • Retail
  • Telecommunication
  • Oil and Gas
  • Gaming
  • Keep it simple
  • Cost effective
  • Customer comes first
  • Provide an awe-inspiring experience


  • UK and Europe – Led consulting projects and helped organizations and teams achieve business change across IT, Business Operating Model projects
  • Middle East – Managed to implement end to end ERP projects
  • US and Cannada – Implemented projects in partnership with solution companies
  • India – Working with RAI to merge Western retail knowledge into the Indian retail market
  • Far East – Led and trained many sourcing related projects across Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh


  • US - We have worked with clients on understanding and building solutions
  • UK - Provided education related IT services to UK Clients Europe, Australia, Middle East, South America
  • Hong Kong - Launched and helped consulting companies deliver projects effectively in a controlled environment and planning to roll out our best of Talent building tool “Modus” across these areas.


  • UK and Europe - Led many market research studies in FMCG projects to find how the products can fulfil the demands of developing countries
  • India - Designed sales strategies and performance metrics for driving the growth of revenue & profit margins from Own brand products

Our Clients

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