A systematic approach to change management though consulting opportunities within an organisation requires supporting and handholding clients through various interventions to ensure that leaders drive and role model the change, people within the organization adopt new ways of working and the business benefits of the change are sustainable. To enhance and strengthen the impact of our work, we have developed a unique operating model that is adaptable across organisations. Inherent within this is our ability to showcase out of box thinking and provide solutions that are sustainable for effective long term results. Our expertise, in-depth understanding of the Indian market and expansive distribution network within India gives us the leverage to identify companies and select innovative products that have the potential to compete and trade successfully. Therefore our core strength lies in creating value and architect change through our unique range of services across business and system consulting and trade.


Key to our consulting offer is our ability to unravel the complexities within the client’s organisation, build a cross-functional body of work and provide strategic and targeted solutions to deliver change with a clear focus on




Offer solutions though the operating model MODUS, a bespoke and unique bouquet of offering that is adaptable across organisations. We work collaboratively with the client organization to improve talent, make work easier and processes alive while bringing about change management.



Master Data Management​

With extensive knowledge of Master Data Management, we strive to sustain the Enterprise level business Master Data processes, governance, policies, standards and manage the critical data set up of an organisation across the end to end verticals, into various ERP and Commercial systems.



Our extensive understanding of the Indian consumer, knowledge of the Indian market and strong distribution network are the crucial links between providing expert trade advice and practical support to UK-based companies wishing to foray into the Indian market and expand their business.