With extensive knowledge of Master Data Management, we strive to sustain the Enterprise level business Master Data processes, governance, policies, standards and manage the critical data set up of an organisation across the end to end verticals, into various ERP and Commercial systems.


Master Data Log Management

  • To govern the business rules, system rules and manage the Master Data log
  • To ensure changes are signed of by respective responsible teams and communicate changes to wider business
  • To manage historic data changes based on new rules.
  • To provide relevant process and Tools to ensure the Master data is set right and governed.

Master Data Set up and support services, across ERP and Commercial systems

  • Hierarchy Set up
  • Supplier Set up
  • Base Data Table set up
  • Item Set up
  • HTS code assignment and Management
  • Promotion Set up
  • Deals Set up
  • Multichannel Data need management
  • Store Query support and management