Based on our vast combined consulting knowledge and experience of 35 years, we have realised that invariably a gap remains between the time a consultancy project comes to a close and the organisation is set to operate on their own. To address this gap and keep the processes and change sustainable and alive, we have developed our own proprietary methodology and tools, MODUS LIVE to identify problems and to serve as the basis for recommendations for more effective and efficient ways of performing tasks.

We specialise in providing sustainable solutions to the businesses; working in tandem with our experienced partner companies to provide the necessary IT development and support to organisations.

MODUS LIVE is a framework which defines your Ways of Working to guide you at your workplace.

MODUS LIVE supports undertaking series of specific actions to achieve a particular desired result. The tool helps:

  • to build and manage organisational processes and operating model features
  • teams and individuals organise their activities and priorities
  • teams and individuals to discover changes and issues to take appropriate actions
  • teams to unite and work collaboratively
  • teams to share knowledge and build individual talent to perform effectively.

The applications and resources offered to the clients within the MODUS LIVE framework are web / cloud based, i.e., they use the industry accepted collaborative platform, Office 365 from Microsoft making it cost effective and easily accessible within the organisation.

The notion of ‘sustainable transition’ inherent within the concept sets it apart. It ensures that when we exit, we leave behind an in-house team with all the relevant skills and training to continue functioning in an effective and efficient manner.


Recent Projects​

  • In partnership with CMG we are currently in the first phase of implementing the Client Project platform for MODUS LIVE
  • For Marks & Spencer, we are delivering the identified apps of automated forms, improved way of working on the SharePoint platform and bringing the organisation onto Office 365
  • US – We have worked with clients on understanding and building IT solutions
  • UK – We have provided education related IT services to UK Clients
  • Europe, Australia, Middle East, South America, Hong Kong – We have launched and helped consulting companies deliver projects effectively in a controlled environment and planning to roll out our best of Talent building tool MODUS LIVE across these areas.